Why Android is protected from a WannaCry-like ransomware attack

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Unlike a Google Pixel, many Android inclination are using on old-fashioned handling systems.

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The WannaCry cyberattack has ensnared some-more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries by holding advantage of old-fashioned versions of Windows that never got Microsoft’s essential confidence patches.

Hmm. Millions of inclination that are stranded on comparison versions of an handling complement and don’t have entrance to a latest updates. Where have we listened that one before?

That is, after all, one of a pivotal problems with Android. Only 7.1 percent of a 1 billion users are on Nougat, improved famous as Android 7.0, a latest chronicle of a mobile handling system. Nearly a third run on Android KitKat or comparison — versions that came out some-more than 3 years ago.

“Over time, a some-more that Android versions age out, you’re going to have an augmenting conflict aspect for bad guys,” pronounced Josh Feinblum, clamp boss of information confidence during Rapid7.

But worry not, Android users. There are pivotal differences between Windows and Android that keep a mobile handling complement protected from WannaCry’s clutches. Even with so many opposite flavors of Android, including versions tweaked by phone makers like Samsung or LG, it’s doubtful that users are in for a wide-scale attack.

So for now, a WannaCry ransomware — a cyber corruption in that hackers close your mechanism and direct income to repair it — is only a problem found on Windows.

Here’s why:

Monthly updates

Despite Microsoft patching a confidence disadvantage that had been leaked from a NSA in March, many of a systems hold warrant by ransomware never had a possibility to get a upgrade. That’s since thousands of computers, including those used by hospitals hacked in England, are still using on Windows XP. Microsoft stopped ancillary Windows XP with updates in early 2014, withdrawal many exposed to a final 3 years of new malware.

Why a WannaCry cyberattack is so bad, and so avoidable

A new call of a ransomware spreads disharmony around a world. Paying a release might not heal computers, that could have avoided infection by simply gripping Windows updated.

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