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What next for Kenya?

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Kenya has been in a heightened political state for months

Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has asked his supporters not to interfere with the repeat presidential election but he has called for a resistance movement against the government. What does this mean, asks the BBC’s Dickens Olewe.

“We won the battle for multiparty democracy… we are going to win the battle for a free and fair election,” veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga said in his statement on 10 October, as he announced that he was withdrawing from the re-run.

Looking back at his comments, he seemed to have deliberately chosen his words to draw a clear link to his well documented fight for multi-party democracy in Kenya.

It was as if he was reminding Kenyans: “I’m Raila Odinga, the reformer, and this is my next mission.”

Even though he was not going to take part in the race, he wanted Kenyans to know that he had won the moral argument.

“Our opponents want an election for the sake of it, we want a better election,” he said.

He said that the electoral commission had failed to make the changes needed to prevent a repeat of the mistakes that marred the August poll.

President Uhuru Kenyatta disagreed, saying the commission was independent and should not be coerced to make partisan changes.

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Many Kenyans will be looking to President Kenyatta to heal the country

Mr Odinga’s call to his supporters to stay away from polling stations

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