Watch teen Mark Zuckerberg’s greeting to removing into Harvard

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Teen Mark Zuckerberg on conference behind from Harvard: “Yay. we got accepted.”

Facebook/Screenshot by CNET

Parents like to request critical moments in their kid’s lives. It was no opposite for Mark Zuckerberg’s dad, Edward, who filmed his son’s greeting to removing into Harvard in 2002. But a teen didn’t accurately have a approaching reaction.

Here are a highlights:

Teen Zuckerberg (quietly): “Yay. we got accepted.”

Dad Zuckerberg (excitedly): “Are we serious?! Alright!!”

Facebook owner and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, now 33, common a video on Thursday with a caption: “My father took this video when we got supposed to Harvard. Next week I’m going behind for derivation to get my degree. #tbt”

Zuckerberg forsaken out in 2005 to concentration on his fledgling company. He is receiving an titular grade as good as giving a derivation residence to a category of 2017. No doubt his father is really proud.

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