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South Sudan: South Sudan: CCCM Cluster Bi-weekly Situation Report (1

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National CCCM Cluster

The Cluster hosted 43 representatives from Cluster members –IOM, UNHCR, DRC, ACTED, Internews, REACH, Health Link, and AFOD- and partners including the Protection Cluster, Gender Based Violence (GBV) sub-Cluster, Education Cluster, and UNMISS sections Relief, Reintegration and Protection (RRP) and Civil Affairs Division (CAD) for a three-day 2018-2019 CCCM Cluster Strategy Workshop. The strategy, currently under development, will inform CCCM interventions in South Sudan for 2018 and 2019.

Wau Wau PoC 169 | Wau PoC AA 33,541 | Collective Centers 15,922

PoCAA: CCCM progressed with ongoing decongestion and site rehabilitation works. With the completion of 31 communal shelters by S/NFI teams, CCCM completed planning and preparation for the next round of IDP relocations.

Collective Sites: Camp Management completed an intentions survey of IDPs, who cited lack of security as the main reason they remain in the displacement sites.

In an effort to reduced potential safety issues at night, CCCM has installed 20 solar lights in the five collective sites. Supporting these efforts, a one-day capacity building training on community policing was conducted by UNPOL for Community Watch Groups.

Bentiu Bentiu PoC 115,020 | Bentiu Collective Centres 1,924

PoC: As part of continuous efforts in women’s empowerment, CCCM began the distribution of Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) start up kits to women’s groups selected for the activity.

Following a security incident involving the death of an INGO volunteer and two assailants in the PoC, patrols have been increased to maintain calm. CCCM continues to engage community leadership and security partners on conflict resolution and maintaining the civilian character of the PoC Site.

Collective Sites: To better understand the specific needs of IDPs possessing cattle, CCCM conducted monitoring exercise in nearby cattle camps, meeting with community members and collecting data for service providers.

Malakal PoC Malakal PoC 24,402

Responding to infrastructure needs, CCCM completed an assessment of pedestrian drainage crossings in the PoC Site where CCCM can support with footbridge installation. Additionally, CCCM completed the construction of a Women’s Center and repaired the community boat used for river crossings.

UN House PoC UN House PoCs 38,448

Supporting UNMISS engineering teams in their repair of the security perimeter berm, CCCM met with community leaders and affected households to support their relocation during construction.

Bor PoC Bor PoC 2,532

Part of a wider CCCM Cluster effort to update plans for influx and humanitarian supply pre-positioning, CCCM updated the Bor contingency plan in collaboration with UN/OCHA, IOM, UNMISS-RRP and other partners.

Aburoc Aburoc IDP site 10,071

CCCM team conducted an intentions survey to gauge opinions of the IDP community on their prospects for return and potential humanitarian support via Non-Food Item (NFI) distribution.

Kajo Keji informal settlements Kajo Keji Sites 17,367

CCCM began the compilation of an assessment library to facilitate information sharing and the dissemination of best practices.

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