Raila NASA Statement On Supreme Court Ruling, Calls for Prosecution of IEBC Officials Who Bungled Elections

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Two weeks ago, we moved to the Supreme Court to challenge the declaration of Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner of the August 8 presidential elections.

We moved to the Supreme Court to lay before the world what we believed was compelling evidence of the making of a computer-generated leadership.

Now the Supreme Court of Kenya has spoken. This decision is precedent setting. It will reverberate across Kenya, the African continent and the rest of the world through the generations. Never again will impunity reign in Kenya. It is now clear that no one in Kenya is above the law.

A new Kenya has been born. And Kenya is once again leading Africa, as it so often does with its vibrant democracy (except at election time) and enterprise.

Chief Justice David Maraga will always be remembered for setting this exceptional example for all of Africa. Our judiciary now knows that they have the power, in law and with courage, to challenge the mighty powers too many African presidents wield against the will of their people.

We thank the Supreme Court for standing up for the truth and in the process lifting the image and profile of our nation with regard to the rule of law and judicial autonomy.

We also honor the two judges who dissented. We honor them for their courage in standing up for their opinion, which we respect. They have made our justice system stronger and steadied our march towards electoral democracy.

We salute our able legal team. We particularly pay tribute to the young boys and girls who spent countless hours poring over documents and who in the end established the IEBC fraud.

We remain grateful to all those who supported the cause for which we have fought.
With this courageous verdict we put on trial the international observers who moved fast to sanitize fraud. Their role must be re-examined, as it is highly politicized and currently puts status quo and “stability” ahead of credible elections. It is credible elections alone which will give us peace and stability.

Of course it wasn’t always like this. The US strongly supported Kenyans’ push for multiparty politics although it backtracked and quickly congratulated Mwai Kibaki on his “victory” in 2007. But thanks to the EU observers at that time, and some superlative reporting by international media, it quickly shifted course and then US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and British Cabinet Minister Lord Mark Malloch Brown travelled to Nairobi to promote the Kofi Annan led negotiation process. The US, UK EU then strongly supported the passage of the rights-oriented new Constitution. But after Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto election, our partners settled for the status quo.

The court’s proceedings in this case revealed the utter rot at the heart of our electoral commission and electoral process; it was blatant and third time in a row.

But it revealed the rot at the heart of the Kenya state as well. There is total impunity. Extra judicial killings continue.

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