Mugher Cement Achieves Below Target

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Mugher Cement Factory has warranted a distinction of 23.5 million Br in a initial half of a stream mercantile year, achieving 31pc of a set targets. Technical problems, necessity of electricity and necessity of gangling tools were a vital reason for a underneath opening of a factory.

During a initial half of a stream mercantile year, Mugher directed to sell 876,400 tonnes of concrete though was usually means to supply 414,584 tonnes, that is roughly dual times reduce compared to a same duration final year.

The foe in a zone has reached a indicate where it directly affects a price. Besides a dual tip players, Dangote and Derba Cement Factories, there are 20 factories operational in a country. Currently, Ethiopia’s annual prolongation ability has reached over 15 million tonnes, while beside Kenya stands during 6.3 million tonnes.

Mugher Cement bureau was founded in 1984 and is formed in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

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