Kenya seeks nearly 449,000 T of fuel for Dec-Jan

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** Kenya’s oil importers are seeking a total of nearly 449,000 tonnes of oil products for delivery between mid-Dec and early Jan, a tender document shows ** Of which, 140,492 tonnes are gasoline, with jet fuel making up another 126,324 tonnes and the remaining 181,948 tonnes being gasoil ** The tender closes on Oct 25 ** The fresh volumes are higher versus a previous tender for nearly 402,000 tonnes for mid-Nov to early Dec delivery. PRODUCT QUANTITY (MT) DATE RANGE DISCHARGE POINT GASOIL 85,824 15-17/12/2017 KOT-KPC/KPRL MOGAS 58,896 18-20/12/2017 KOT-KPC/KPRL JET A-1 63,162 22-24/12/2017 KOT-KPC/KPRL GASOIL 85,824 27-29/12/2017 KOT-KPC/KPRL MOGAS 58,896 31/12/17-02/01/18 KOT-KPC/KPRL JET A-1 63,162 03-05/01/2018 KOT-KPC/KPRL GASOIL 10,300 15-18/12/2017 SOT MOGAS 22,700 15-18/12/2017 SOT * Notes: KOT and SOT refer to Kipevu Oil Terminal and Shimanzi Oil Terminal, respectively. ** KPC and KPRL refer to Kenya Pipeline Company and Kenya Petroleum Refineries Ltd, respectively (Reporting by Seng Li Peng)

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