How to automatically dial extensions for your iPhone contacts

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If your work requires a lot of phone calls, extensions can supplement to a disappointment of perplexing to get ahold of a right chairman during a right time. Even nonetheless your phone might save a phone series for you, we still need to remember that irritating four-digit number.

For iPhone users, though, there’s an easier way. In fact, a iPhone can be setup to automatically dial a prolongation for we after dialing a number. Here’s how we can set it up.

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From your iPhone’s home screen, daub on a Contacts app to open it. If we wish to supplement an prolongation to an existent contact, find that person’s name and daub on it. If we wish to emanate a new strike with an extension, daub on a + pitch during a tip right dilemma of a screen.

From a particular strike screen, daub on a listed phone series to revise it, or daub on a Add Phone margin to supplement another number. Once we have a full, 10-digit series listed in that field, don’t strike Done yet.

Make certain a cursor is position during a finish of a phone series in a field. Then, daub on a + * # symbol during a bottom left of a numerical keyboard.


This will open adult new options on your numerical keyboard. The one we wish to use is Pause. If we daub Pause, we will see a comma extrinsic after a customary phone number.

Each Pause extrinsic will supplement dual seconds of wait time for a call, before a phone will dial a extension. You can supplement mixed pauses. Each time we supplement a pause, a keyboard will return behind to normal, so you’ll have to daub a + * # symbol again in sequence to supplement additional pauses.


Once we have combined a scold series of pauses, simply form a prolongation after a comma(s) and daub a blue Done during a tip right apportionment of a screen. When you’re finished a series should demeanour something like this:


If you’re uncertain of how many extensions to add, we suggest creation a call as we routinely would and timing how prolonged it takes until a complement would concede we to submit a prolongation and regulating that as your anxiety point.

Once we strike Done, you’re good to go. Now we don’t have to worry about irritating extensions any longer, and can let we iPhone do a work for you.

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