Hilarious Canaan jokes by Kenyans

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NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga, the self-proclaimed ‘Joshua’ has promised to take Kenyans to Canaan once elected president on August 8 2017. Most of Raila supporters have talked about how they are preparing to go to Canaan if Raila becomes the President. On May 2017, Raila was spotted praying in Israel’s wailing wall ahead of the upcoming elections. He later on posted on his twitter account as to why he went to the Holy Site.

“Few know my history with this Holy Site. The Western Wall is the pulpit of the Temple of Solomon and is said to have been built over 5,000 years ago. The site is sacred to all three Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity – and to me it is a very strong symbolism of strength and unity. The story goes that you write your wish on a piece of paper, stick it on the wall and say a prayer and the message goes directly to God.”

Here are some of the Canaan jokes Kenyans have posted on social media ahead of the general elections;

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