Gedion Daniel – Bewedat – New Ethiopian Music 2017 (Official Video)

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The “Yaleshbet Dress” singer Gedion Daniel is back with a new music called Bwedat. After a long break due to health issues the artist has surprised his fans with a new video clip that showcases his current health status. Many believed that he went crazy because of love. Videos and rummers ware all over Facebook and other social media stating his mental problem and that he was in the streets of Addis Ababa acting insanely.

However, what this music and his video shows is that he is saner than ever, and his fans couldn’t be happier. Look at some of the comments given from his fans on YouTube.

One fan commented this.

ሚስኪን የኔ ወንድም እንኳን ለዚ አበቃህ ህይወት ትቀጥላለች አይዞን #ዌል#ብለናል

And another fan said this.

ጊዲ ቆንጆ እንኳን ለዚ አበቃህ ❤በጣም ምርጥ ስራ ነው ክሊፑ ፣ ቀረፃው ጥራቱ ፣ ብቻ ሁሉ ነገር ምርጥ አድርገህ ነው የሰራኸው 👌👌 ግን ማስታወቂያው ከወጣ ቆየ በጉጉት ስንጠብቅህ ነበር ቶሎ አለቀከውም😏 ለማንኛውም እናመሰግናለን❤😘

Gedion Daniel have released another audio months after the news of his mental problem were the trending entertainment news but that didn’t prove to his fans that he had fully recovered. It only indicated that he was getting better.

However, Gedion not only showed his fans that he is fine and back to the music industry, he also proved that he is over what ever issues he had. The music lyrics is one prove of this.

ፍቅር እኮ ናት … ኣሄሄ
መውደድ እኮ ናት … ኣሄሄ
ብወዳት(4) … ደጋግሜ
መች ሰለቸኝ ኣልኳት?

እንደቀትች ፀሃይ… ኣናት የሚበሳው
ኣጋለችው ልቤ… ተለይታ ከሰው
ዘራፍ ብሎ ዘማች… __ ፀባይ ይዛ
ኣንገዳገደችኝ… ጌዲን እንደዋዛ።

If anything this video indicates that our beloved aritist Gedion has overcome all challenges and his health issues, and he is back to entertain us again. Congratulations to Gedion and his family and fans.



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