Ethiopian Girl Teaches Her American Boyfriend How to Dance to Ethiopian Music

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This video of an Amazing Ethiopian Girl Teaching Her American Boyfriend How to Dance to Ethiopian Music is cute, entertaining and educational at the same time. Bella, expresses her love to her home country, her people and heritage at the beginning of the video. She explains how all Ethiopians are one people and should always love each other and be united. She appears dressed up in cultural Oromo dress and tries to address all Ethiopians by speaking in all major Ethiopian languages.

The couple are popular in YouTube and they have a channel to which they always post funny videos. They (Bella and daren) have tens of thousands followers on their YouTube channel. Mostly they focus on videos that show Ethiopian cultures and heritage hence contributing their own part in exposing Ethiopia and Ethiopian culture to the western world.

Bella and Darren is one of the few channels on YouTube that posts Ethiopian related funny videos. In the channel description Bella said:

Hey Mates !!!! i am Bella ……… this youtube channel is a glimpse of my life , my personality, and the love i have for fashion, beauty and everything else that is girly, lol am not a fashion or a makeup Guru , i am still learning and having fun the same time. My goal is to hopefully give you guys inspiration and make you smile as well. i hope you will enjoy my videos and i hope we will get to know each other more.. it will mean a lot to me if show your support by subscribing, liking and commenting on the videos. Thank you

Enjoy the video and show your love by subscribing to their channel at Bella and Darren.

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