Ethiopia to Introduce Roadmap to Enhance Cement Production, Meet Demands

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Addis Ababa August 12/2017 Ethiopia announced that it will introduce a nationwide cement roadmap to enhance domestic capability and meet the country’s cement demand, the Ministry of Industry said.

 The roadmap is expected to indicate directions that would address challenges pertaining to cement production process, the State minister Alemu Sime told ENA.

The roadmap to be implemented for the coming 25 years has incorporated best practices from other countries that would enable the country  to meet local demands and also export to foreign markets.

 As the country uses charcoal to meet 40 – 60 percent of the power demand of cement factories, the State Minister said it has been spending huge amount of foreign currency to import the product.

 This situation has put its impact on the price of cement, making the price  higher compared to other countries. The price of one tone (10 quintals) of cement in Ethiopia is 90 dollars while similar amount of cement in Iran is sold between 25 and 30 dollars.

 The team that traveled to Iran to learn from Iran’s cement industry noted that the difference between the cement industries of the two countries lies in the utilization of power, Alemu said.

 The roadmap has also included a direction that would enable the country to  substitute imported charcoal with locally produced product.

 By developing charcoal reserves, the country will enable to save the hard currency it has been spending on importing the product thereby help to reduce running cost of the  factories.

 In the last Ethiopian fiscal year, Ethiopia has earned 19.6 million USD from the export of construction inputs, of which 17.2 million USD was earned from cement.

 By learning from best practices of countries, Ethiopia through the roadmap will work to minimize running cost, meet local demand and earn hard currency by increasing cement production.

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