Ethiopia, Germany Set to Strengthen Technical Cooperation

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Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen pronounced Germany’s purpose and support for a technical and vocational training module is instrumental to raise technical team-work between a dual countries.

While deliberating with conduct of German commission Dr. Gerd Muller yesterday, Demeke pronounced a technical and vocational training module in Ethiopia has been adopted from Germany deliberation a design existence on a ground.

He pronounced a training module has been successful in producing learned labor force and assenting team-work by a dual governments.

Demeke serve pronounced Ethiopia as a home of 100 million people, it can be profitable from a training module that plays pivotal purpose in formulating jobs for almost learned labor force.

Currently, he pronounced technical and vocational training institutions and polytechnic colleges are expanding all over a nation and a knowledge from their German counterparts would assistance furnish clever and problem elucidate labor force, he said.

In addition, Demeke pronounced German investors are display seductiveness to engage in several sectors and already submitted their devise in line with a second Growth and Transformation Plan.

With courtesy to handling a risk acted by a drought, emissary premier Demeke pronounced a German commission done margin revisit and appreciated Ethiopia’s supervision response to a drought.

German Minister Dr. Gerd Muller on his partial pronounced his nation is operative closely with Ethiopia in a areas of rural and technical and vocational training zone that are useful in pursuit origination for a youth.

In addition, a apportion pronounced his supervision will strive efforts to enhance and support German investment to Ethiopia.

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