Death Rate Doubles for Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon

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Photo: Anti-Racism Movement

Beirut — A lady with a pinkish cloth wrapped around her conduct climbs out of a window on a fourth building of a residential building. She peers during a belligerent distant below, clutching onto a window edge as voices in a credentials roar during her to come inside. Instead, she jumps, her roar slow for 4 seconds before she hits a ground.

The video was promote on Lebanon’s Al-Jadeed TV in March, with a voiceover explaining that a lady was an Ethiopian domestic workman in Khalde, an area south of Beirut.

According to statistics performed by IRIN from General Security, Lebanon’s comprehension agency, migrant domestic workers in Lebanon are failing during a rate of dual per week. Many of a deaths are suicides or botched shun attempts in that migrant women select to burst off buildings rather than continue operative in violent and exploitative situations.

Human Rights Watch reported on a conditions of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon in a 2008 news that put a genocide rate during one per week. Since then, heightened activism and advocacy on a emanate seems to have had small impact. The bodies of 138 migrant domestic workers were repatriated between Jan 2016 and Apr this year.

Rights groups have been advocating for improved protections of migrant workers in Lebanon for years and in 2014 domestic workers managed to found their possess kinship – a initial of a kind in a region. Yet small has changed. Women entrance from Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, a Philippines, Kenya, and other building countries are still firm by a kefala (sponsorship) system, that gives employers sum control over their lives.

Beaten and intimately abused

Yorda*, a 37-year-old from Eritrea, transient after 5 years as a domestic workman for a rich family in Tripoli. She perceived no salary, no days off, and slept on a kitchen floor. She suffered beatings from her dame and passionate nuisance from a madam’s husband. “It was hell,” pronounced Yorda, who was not authorised to hit her family in Eritrea. Now she’s a purebred interloper and is informally heading an Ethiopian migrant workers’ church in Beirut. She told IRIN that many of a women who come to her church feel trapped by a conditions of live-in domestic work. “Many are going crazy. Even when they run away, they live in bedrooms with 6 or 7 people stranded together. That creates we crazy too,” Yorda said.

The boost in migrant workers’ deaths coincides with a diminution in open stating and enquiry. The usually NGO actively tallying migrant domestic workers’ deaths is KAFA, a Lebanese women’s rights group, that relies on internal news reports to map cases. They have

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