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At work in Liberian cabinet, Kenya but dreaming of home

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Eugenie Windt Nsubuga first sat on a plane at 13, thanks to her Dutch father and Ugandan mother who were fleeing the Idi Amin regime [in the 1970s].
At a tender age, she was headed to Holland where she got first class schooling and amenities. The western coast of the Netherlands was home, only for a while.
Although initially escaping the tumultuous regime with her family, later, the self-motivated and success-driven Eugenie Nsubuga travelled the world, but her heart would not settle.
She wanted to retrace her steps to motherland Africa. Nonetheless, as she hoped and waited for destiny to throw her back home, she did not compromise on her principles.
“When I decide to do something, I like to see it to the end. I don’t stop halfway. I am very persistent and consistent,” she says. When she got to Holland, it was easy to travel within Europe given the proximity of countries and developed transport network with cheap connecting flights and fast train network.
When she was through with college, Nsubuga felt she had had enough of Europe. However, she could not return to Uganda because it was still undergoing turbulent times.
No matter which corner of the world she found refuge, she hungered for home, and until she returned to Uganda, no place could measure up because home is where the heart was.

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