Apple TV set to get Amazon Prime video app this summer

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Apple TV is approaching to get a Amazon Prime video app in a entrance months.


It appears Apple and Amazon have called a truce.

After years of neck and neck adversary over video, a Amazon Prime video app will be entrance to Apple TV, according to a Buzzfeed report. Apple will mangle a news during a Worldwide Developers Conference in June, a news says, with a app prepared for users as shortly as this summer.

So a rumors we might’ve listened final week might indeed be true.

For Amazon Prime members, a one vivid strike opposite Apple TV has been a inability to tide Amazon video content. Apple’s iOS mobile inclination have prolonged upheld a stripped-down chronicle of Amazon’s video app that doesn’t concede purchases. But a app, in any form, has never been accessible for Apple TV.

Competing set-top boxes from Roku, meanwhile, support all a vital streaming apps and concede for film rentals and purchases directly by those apps.

At a heart of a dispute is a fact that Amazon Video and Apple iTunes are opposition services. In 2015, Amazon stopped offered Apple TV and Google Chromecast boxes since Amazon didn’t wish a business returning boxes after they detected Prime Video streaming wasn’t supported.

As partial of a agreement between a dual companies, Amazon will reportedly start offered Apple’s set-top box again, according to Buzzfeed.

Neither Apple nor Amazon responded to a ask for comment.

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